Providing You With the Tools to Access Peace of Mind

Are there things that you don’t do anymore because the anxiety is too overwhelming? Do you plan ahead to minimize the amount of anxiety you’ll experience? Does your world feel smaller and smaller as you work hard to avoid things that trigger anxiety?

Do worries, memories, or disturbing dreams mercilessly steal your ability to relax and rest? Do you have a constant sense that something is going to go wrong?

Does shame and guilt dominate how you see yourself? You do your best to conceal how bad you're struggling. You dread appearing weak. This is getting in the way of your relationships.You want to put the past behind you, but you feel stuck.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What would it be like to start the day feeling rested and content? What if the past and anxieties no longer stopped you?

Lillian Hood, LPA is a psychologist in Wilmington, NC who focuses exclusively on adults with anxiety and PTSD. She has been helping people like you for more than 10 years.

YOU CAN have freedom from the grip that the past has on you. Your anxiety DOESN'T have to dictate your choices! YOU CAN do things a different way.

Our Services

trauma Counseling for men

Learn how to deal with anxiety and troubling events from your past so they don’t stand in your way anymore.

Trauma counseling for women

Take charge of your emotional energy and find freedom from the effects of trauma. 

anxiety therapy

Break free of anxiety’s grip on your emotional well-being. Learn how you can live life to the fullest.

binge eating therapy

Find new, healthy ways of coping with life’s anxieties, past trauma, and daily stress.

How it works

At Danson Counseling, all services are provided by me, Lillian Hood. I want to make the task of finding the right therapist easier for you. You will get a free phone consultation to help you decide if I am right for you. After that, we’ll get your first appointment scheduled.

1. Free Phone Consultation

During this 20 minute call, we will:

  • Talk about what you want to accomplish
  • I’ll answer any questions you have and give you an idea of what to expect from me and from sessions
  • You’ll let me know if you want to get started and I’ll schedule your first session

I appreciate how this takes the edge off of the first meeting. You go into it knowing me a little already and knowing what is going to happen during the session.

2. Your Sessions

I am located in Wilmington, NC, and all sessions are conducted using a secure video conferencing system specifically designed for medical practices. This means that, as long as you are in the state of North Carolina, I can see you even if you are out of town. This means you will miss fewer appointments due to work, childcare, etch which allows you the consistency that is necessary for progress.

3. Your Goals

You will describe your goals to me in more detail in our first meeting. In your sessions, you will learn skills and strategies that will help you reach these goals. You’ll practice these with my guidance with the goal of being able to do this independently. Once this is accomplished, you’ll take the progress you have made, the skills you have learned with you.

What our clients say

Lillian Hood, LPA

Danson Counseling & Assessment Services began in 2013 and is a solo practice where all services are provided by me, Lillian Hood, a psychologist in North Carolina. I started this company because I wanted a better way to help people.


I’m always looking for ways to be more effective and to help my patients have the best chance of success. I have found that because of work schedules, child care, chronic illness, disability, and other reasons, people have a hard time getting to an office appointment.

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