Our Mission

We strive to make high quality and effective therapy services accessible to adults in North Carolina using online therapy. You may have found yourself in therapy before with a therapist that does little more than listen to you talk and say encouraging things. It’s nice to feel heard and to receive encouragement, but does that brig about the change you want in your life? We want to help you to put into practice skills and methods that allow you to live a better quality of life that is aligned with what is truly important to you. We provide you with effective tools to bring about real changes and freedom from the hold that trauma and anxiety place on your life.

Our History

Danson Counseling & Assessment Services, PLLC has been providing services in North Carolina since 2013. All services are provided by the psychologist, Lillian Hood, who has special training and experience in working with adults with PTSD, OCD, phobia, and other anxiety-related challenges. We are physically located in Wilmington, North Carolina, and our services are provided via secure online therapy platform.


Lillian’s story:

“I started this company because I wanted a better way to help people. I’m always looking for ways to be more effective and to help my patients have the best chance of success. I have found that because of work schedules, child care, chronic illness, disability and other reasons, people have a hard time getting to an office appointment. They desperately want to make changes in their lives and need some help to get there, but they end up not able to keep 30-50% of their appointments. I know that consistency is necessary for progress to happen, so I did some brainstorming about what could be an effective solution. That’s when I discovered online therapy. I admit, at first I was skeptical about this way of doing therapy. It was different from what I was used to doing, and I just wasn’t sure it was the right fit. I did some training in how to be effective as an online therapist. I also did some research into what science says about the effectiveness of online therapy. Everything I found told me that online therapy was as effective as in-person therapy. I began using it with patients with whom I already had a relationship, and wow! It really was just as effective, and my patients loved it. They were able to have their sessions from whatever private location was available to them, and they were no longer canceling their appointments or falling out of therapy all together. They were reaching their goals and seeing results. I was so excited to take it to the next level. Thus, my online practice was born. ”

Our Values

We value CHANGE:

Courage: To persist in the face of fear or difficulty

It takes courage to decide to get help from a therapist. Even after you choose a therapist, it takes courage to show up, to do the work, to stick with it, and to do things differently to bring about change. Change by its very nature is uncomfortable, but without it, we stay trapped in our current state. We promote courage and value the effort that it takes to make change happen.

Humor: To see and appreciate the humorous side of life

We practice and promote the use of humor as a way to cope with, but not avoid, challenges when it is appropriate. Sometimes a good laugh can break the tension and allow the truth to flow freely. We believe in using humor as a tool to smooth out the rough feeling that sometimes occurs when facing difficulties. While it is not the only tool, and is not right for all circumstances, it is a very valuable one when used skillfully.

Acceptance: An openness and willingness to experience life

Our value of acceptance is rooted in the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). People often think of acceptance as the things you do when you’re stuck with no other options. This feels miserable. In ACT, however, a person is taught how to practice acceptance in a way that brings about a sense of freedom and serenity. This is what we want for ourselves and our patients.

Nature: The natural environment, e.g. plants, trees, mountains, rivers, etc.

Our value of nature is connected with our values of peace and mindfulness. You can see evidence of this value throughout our site in the images we display and even in our logo. Nature has a way of giving us a sense of inner peace and strength, and a feeling that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Practicing mindfulness when experiencing nature, e.g. while sitting on the beach, walking in a park, or biking along a trail, can be a wonderful way of practicing your own values and connecting with something besides a smart phone! We could all use more of that.

Growth: Continuously achieving change in a positive direction

Therapy should definitely be about growth. Our primary goal at Danson Counseling is to work ourselves out of a job so that one day, you don’t need us anymore. To that end, we promote growth involves long-term changes and tools that you take with you and continue to use.

Encouragement: To promote and reward behavior that I value in myself and others

We recognize the challenges associated with doing therapy and making major changes in your life. We offer a supportive and empathetic environment that promotes your alignment with your own values. You choose your destination. We give you the guidance that you need to get there until you have become familiar with the path and know your own way.

Lillian Profile July 2015.jpg
The Therapist: Lillian Hood

I’ve been a psycho gist for over ten years now, and I LOVE what I do. As for who I am? I love to laugh and make others laugh. That’s one of the things that people who value me tend to like about me. I’m also a nature lover. I’m never so much at peace as when I am sitting on the beach in the evening listening to the waves come and go or standing on the side of a mountain looking at some majestic scene. I’m a minimalist… I’m in love with tiny houses! I was interested in them long before they became a trendy thing. I’m glad for the attention they get because, now, I get to watch hours and hours of tiny house shows. Aside from this, I’m a straight-forward, analytical, and caring person, all of which have helped me become an effective therapist. I’m glad that you’re here, and whatever path you choose, I wish you success.