Binge Eating Therapy

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Courage leads to change

Do you use food to feel better?

Have you experienced guilt and shame around food? 

Binge eating is often the result of having experienced a trauma or growing up in a chaotic, unsafe home life. 

Have you found yourself…?


  • Feeling out of control when you eat
  • Eating so much that you are uncomfortable
  • Eating very quickly
  • Eating a lot of food when you weren’t hungry
  • Eating alone because you feel self-conscious 

You Have the Power To Make a Difference in Your Life

My name is Lillian Hood, and I’ve been helping people like you for more than 10 Years. I work exclusively with individuals who want to overcome the effects of trauma and anxiety, including those who struggle with binge eating. It took courage to come this far, and I know you want to change things. I’m happy to help you do just that!


Imagine what it would be like to feel good about yourself and your relationship with food. As you develop the tools to do things differently, binge eating will lose its power over you.

virtual sessions Using video conferencing

I am located in Wilmington; NC and I conduct all consultations online using a secure video conferencing system. 


This has been particularly useful to people who struggle to make it into the office because of busy schedules. With work, getting the kids where they need to go, and other responsibilities, online sessions allow you the consistency needed to make progress and complete therapy. 

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free phone consultation

Request your free phone consultation and talk directly to Lillian before you even schedule an appointment. This gives you the chance to get to know her, ask questions, and decide if working with her is right for you.