OCD Therapy

You find yourself repeating patterns over and over, e.g. counting, sanitizing/cleaning, checking, and other behaviors. You may even argue with the thoughts you are having, logically, but you can’t win. You have to do your compulsive behaviors anyway, or the anxiety takes over. You want to stop, but you just can’t. You’re self conscious about others noticing you doing these things, and it makes you avoid situations where you know it’s an issue. OCD is controlling your life, and you just want it to stop.


Lillian Hood has been helping people like you for more than ten years: “I am a straight-forward, caring person who loves to use humor to smooth out the rough parts of doing OCD therapy. I know what works. I can help you obtain the freedom from this struggle and claim the life that is truly yours.”


You will feel free to do the things you want to do without worrying about OCD getting in the way. You’ll enjoy being with others and the freedom that you now experience. You’ll have so much time to do what you want to do now that OCD isn’t taking up that time.

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