Trauma Counseling for men

The Solution to Feeling Stuck in the Past

You have tried to get past what happened, but it just won’t go away. You feel constantly on alert, and it’s exhausting. It’s easier to avoid things that set it off, but that means you can’t do things you want to do. It affects your sleep, your work, your home life, and you’re tired of it. 

I’ve been helping people like you for more than ten years. I specifically focus on combat veterans and men who have experienced other traumas who want to learn the skills needed to achieve freedom from the grip of trauma’s hold.

You will develop the skills needed to finally put the past behind you. You’ll be able to do things that you can’t do now because of trauma. For my combat veterans, that has meant being able to hear fireworks going off unexpectedly without finding themselves triggered and anxious.

For others, it has meant going to the grocery store whenever they feel like it instead of only in the middle of the night when no one else is there. Maybe you want to be able to go to your child’s ball game. You can learn the strategies that can make that happen.

virtual sessions using video conferencing

I am located in Wilmington, NC and I conduct all consultations online using a secure video conferencing system. 

This has been particularly useful to people with PTSD who struggle to go out in general or who have bad days from time to time, making it difficult to meet in person. This allows us to keep making progress so those bad days become fewer and farther between. 

Free Phone Consultation

Request your free phone consultation and talk directly to Lillian before you even schedule an appointment. This gives you the chance to get to know her, ask questions, and decide if working with her is right for you.